Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hello from the grave...

Seeing your picture aches me... hope seems all diminished... i dread army life coz it seizes my freedom... how would i feel this way? with this life right now? i deserve it? right... time to forget you... time to press the restart button... i cant keep torturing myself inside like that... the trust is lost so what can i do? please god of buddha thai... late grandma... late grandpa... i am tired mentally... i admit i am weak... i admit i useless... help get pass this lady now and i'll show you i could be stronger... i could do better... turn into someone you would be proud of... for my parent's sake... i am trying so hard in army to be the best just for a better future despite me not enjoying it... it isnt tough but its mentally stressing and depressing... i wished i never started with you... whats the point of saying that now? bullslackar...

Army sucks... it SUCKS...
2:24 PM

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Awesome night off

i'd like to thank these people for making my last day/night Before BMT a memorable one...

In no particular Order

Mindy Gay JiangShu
Shu yi
Jason Taufik
Calvin Phang
Anu Sista
Sud the King

Thank You so much for the night out, it was splendid... :D Tekong here i come (dreaded comment haha)...

For the rest of my other friends out there... Will keep in touch with yall soon... I love yall... C u some of you in 2 weeks... :) Happy New Year!
2:17 AM

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

taking this time to relax and take things easy...

i am a freaking Puss... just came back from watching Qurrantine... WAH LAN EH, dun dare to walk my corridor on my way back... its 5 upon 5 stars for disturbingly shocking... god help me if i cant even pass thru movies like these... in less than a month, when i enter the army, HOW like that?

well so anyways, i am in the mood for blogging tonite, maybe partially coz i m just scared as hell... lol... been hanging out wif lots of friends lately... mostly late nights... haven been running so yea kinda sucky... i cant just keep hoping to do this n that.. i gotta DO IT... yea 7th jan 2009, ahh its so so so soon... On the other note, there are still some friends i havent really hanged out with, like my best pal gay jiang shu, benedict, my brother cousin dennis tan and a few more i cant think of right now...

well, in any case, less than 7 hours to my work later at ubi, gotta earn some then spend some... enjoy my civilian life while i still can (as advised by most of my army friends)... cant wait to get in but on the other hand, wana enjoy more... aiya... i am very fickle-minded thats for sure... thats why i suck at most tasks in life... i gotta get my head straight man... well thanks for reading committed visitors/passer-by... i shall calm myself down now coz my heart's beating at a 800m race-pace rate... haha! Peace sout~

:)---Kelvin Loves You All!---:)
1:42 AM

Sunday, November 30, 2008

its all Over...

Today marks the day where my heart is broken, my soul wanders and my mind whinned up... i do not wish to talk about it and all i know is i want to have fun before i enter army and sometimes unforeseen things happen... due to that, i smash my own heart into the concrete and made mistakes with close friends... Wtf is wrong with you la kel... sorry and sorry to all... time take life on solo once again... here we go...

10:38 PM

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i just realised...

i just realised that saving up isnt easy... like reality smack into my face... hats off to those who have been working for their very own living... so i am currently working part time and trying real hard to save up... but with going out wif friends and party out ain gona help that much... haha but on the other hand, i wish to relax n spend more time wif friends and love ones just before i enter army on january the 7th... its gona be real quick... everything flies! yea it sure does... more to come and i really dont know what to expect, ready for the real world though, here i go then... good night!

11:38 PM


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